Everybody in the world, at least had been racist once in their life. It could be a very mild or unintentional racism. It could be a very offensive racism. The point is, everybody was racist at some point in their life. I, too, was being a racist few days ago. This is my confession and I think it is pretty funny.

        A few days ago, my family and I went out to watch a movie. We got our tickets and got on our seats. After all the commercials, the movie finally started. About five minutes after the beginning of the movie, five middle-eastern people (Muslim) came in. There were three women and two men. They sat on the same row as us. Until half way though the movie, the fact that there were five middle-eastern (Muslim) did not bother me.

        Before I continue the story, allow me to tell you few important details. Where I live, there are a lot of Muslims. I wake up to the sound of them praying five in the morning. I literally see them everywhere I go. These people are everywhere. In addition to the fact that there are Muslims everywhere, recently, there was a terrorist attack in downtown. A bomb went off and killed twenty to thirty people.

        Half way through the movie, the five middle-eastern people took out a flashlight and started to go through one of the women’s purses. They took out something and placed it in one of the men’s inside-pocket of his coat. After that, every minute, the man was checking his watch. Then it dawned on me, they might be a terrorist.

        Of course, judging them as terrorist purely by their looks is wrong, but because of the recent terrorist attack and the man checking his watch every minute, my heart was beating so fast it was the only thing I could hear. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an unknown number called me. I went out of the theater and answered the call. They dialed the wrong number. As I was about to get back into the theater, twenty different scenarios came into my mind.

        One of the scenarios was a bomb going off and I become the only survivor. I then go around from church to church explaining how that call from an unknown number was God’s miracle which saved me. Yes, I know, it sounds very retarded. Fortunately, there were no terrorist attack and my family and I came home safe.

        I thought it was funny how I judged those middle-eastern people purely by their appearances. It was also a great opportunity to reflect on how I judge others and how others might judge me. I think it is really important to not judge the book by its cover. Many times, in our world, we often judge people purely based on their religion, race, and ethics. Not all stereotypes are true and this mindset in people should be fixed immediately. To fix this mindset, it should not start with others, but with you and me. As always,

Live colorful. Live original. Live DiffЭЯЭnT.

– ThalockHolmes


One thought on “Racism

  1. I appreciate your open discussion on the nuances of race, but you are incorrect in saying that everyone has been racist at least once in their life. People of color, for example, cannot not be racist – prejudice, yes, but not racist. Racism requires the power to oppress a group of people. Still, I do thank you for your article.


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