The Pierrot’s Tear

        Once upon a time, in a distant island kingdom of Paenitentia lived a young peasant girl who had the sweetest and most beautiful smile in the world. News about the peasant girl with such beauty incomparable to anything else in the world that even the goddess of beauty, herself was jealous quickly spread like a forest caught on fire. Men all over the world traveled to Paenitentia in hopes of marrying, or at the very least see the peasant girl. The kingdom was full of men from different ages, classes, and professions. From kings and princes of one of the strongest and most prosperous kingdoms to the lowest of the lowest peasants, men lined up in front of the peasant girl’s home every day confessing their love to her. However, each time a man confessed his love he was politely rejected by the peasant girl. No jewelry that shined brighter than the sun or silk that was smooth as a babe’s skin moved the peasant girl’s heart, for her heart was taken by another man, Pierrot.

        One day, the peasant girl was walking back home after running an errand for her father. She was walking through the town square that was busy and crowded as usual. As the peasant girl reached the center of the town square where all the commotions were happening, she saw shop owners yelling ‘buy this, buy that’ while arguing with customers who are bargaining for lower prices and gypsies who were begging for money while pick-pocketing a fine gentleman’s watch and handkerchief. The town square was like a pen filled with a herd of panicked sheep running around frantically bumping into each other and ‘baa’-ing in the air. Amidst all the yelling and stealing there was something that caught the peasant girl’s attention.

        It was a young man, a Pierrot, performing in front of the fountain that stood at the very center of the town square. Pierrot, with his swift but accurate movements, captivated the audience with his charming charisma and mind-boggling performance that left the audience speechless. As the peasant girl watched the performance in awe, her eyes met Pierrot’s. It was only for a few seconds, but in that few seconds, which felt like forever, the two looked through their eyes and into their souls. Although neither of them spoke to each other, in that short but also one of the longest moments of their lives, they silently agreed on one thing, they were in love.

        For many days and many nights, Pierrot searched the entire kingdom to find the girl that watched his performance among the crowd. Never in his life had he met someone so out-of-this-world, someone so impeccable, that literally slowed down his time. During that short few seconds, everything in the world became irrelevant except for her existence and nothing came into his mind but her. The news about a peasant girl who was so beautiful that even the goddess of beauty herself was jealous finally reached to Pierrot. As soon as the news reached his ears, Pierrot’s legs were already in action. Pierrot ran was fast as he could. He ran so fast that not even the kingdom’s fastest horse could outrun his speed. When Pierrot arrived at the peasant girl’s dwelling, he saw the girl, and so did she.

        About a week later, Pierrot and the peasant girl got married. The newlyweds were living a happy life until one day when the peasant girl was sewing, she pricked her finger. The peasant girl who never cried let out a single droplet of tear. The tear fell and crystallized into a diamond that shined bright as the sun and was clear as water. Pierrot was amazed at what he just witnessed. The peasant girl tried to explain the situation, but none of that mattered to Pierrot. Since that day, Pierrot abused the peasant girl, beating her until she cried and her tears crystallized into diamonds. Pierrot would then take that diamond and spend it. Week after week, Pierrot would come back home drunk and start beating the peasant girl.

        One day, the peasant girl could not take it anymore. There was no longer Pierrot she saw at the town square. The man she loved was long gone, consumed by greed. Pierrot no longer performed. He stopped bringing joy and laughter to his audience. The smile disappeared from the peasant girl and in an effort to bring the old Pierrot back, Pierrot she knew and loved, she decided to sacrifice herself. That night, Pierrot came home drunk as usual and was looking for the peasant girl. The peasant girl came and greeted Pierrot with a red diamond, as big as a grown man’s fist, shining so bright it looked like an actual sun burning. Pierrot, excited, took the diamond and as he did the peasant girl took her own life.

        The blood dyed the carpet floor with red that burned harder than Pierrot and the peasant girl’s love. Realizing what he had done, Pierrot cried and cried for days and nights. He regretted what he did, but the water was already spilled and there was no going back. Pierrot finally got hold of himself and decided to spend the rest of his life, bringing joy and laughter to people, just like his dead wife wanted him to. Since then, whenever Pierrot performed, he put on a white makeup all over his face and drew tears under his eyes. To forget what he had done, in each of his performances, Pierrot danced and laughed so hard that people mistook him as a lunatic. At the end of each performance, Pierrot would end with a song:

“Tears of blood trickle down my chin,
I smile and dance in your heart.
The marks I left unknowingly,
Spreads so fast like flesh eating disease.
I anxiously find you in my dreams.”



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