About ThalockHolmes

Welcome to the world of ThalockHolmes!

I love talking; I love storytelling. I have a great passion on photography and cinematography. Occasionally, I get myself into a philosophical mode and start rambling about the most ridiculous topic you will ever come across.

In this blog, you will find three different categories: Rambling, Fiction World, and Photo Sessions. In Rambling, I will be posting my opinions on topics that sometimes can be ridiculous and sometimes very controversial. In Fiction World, I will be posting a chapter of my novel on a regular basis. Currently, I am working on a novel called Eden. Last but not least, Photo Session will be a category where I will be uploading photos or videos, such as short film or vlog, that were taken by me on a, hopefully, regular basis.

So join in the journey of philosophical, artistic, and emotional adventures of ThalockHolmes! Finally, do not forget,

Live colorful. Live original. Live DiffЭЯЭnT.

– ThalockHolmes